Clint Arthur Wife Photos

CLINT ARTHUR’s wife, Alison Savitchis the Executive Producer of all of Clint’s Celebrity Entrepreneur events. Ali Savitch is a groundbreaking Film & TV producer, and the first female VFX supervisor in Hollywood.

Everybody Loves Ali!” Including Hollywood Legends James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and all the members of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council under her Chairmanship.

Ali Savitch recently added “Bestselling Author” to her long list of achievements, with her 1st book How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? — about Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing, Clint & Ali’s world-famous event with Martha Stewart, Ice T & Coco, Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, Steve Larsen (#1 Funnel Hacker for ClickFunnels), Hal Elrod & more at Carnegie Hall!

Clint Arthur and his wife know what it’s REALLY like to live the Celebrity Lifestyle — and Celebrities sure know how to have Fun! They have documented their many adventures traveling the world, as well as their world-renowned transformation work in helping Entrepreneurs & Experts of all kinds become Celebrities in the eyes of their customers & prospects. Ali’s Hollywood production talent & experience is the “secret sauce” that helps Clint Arthur to give his students the GREATEST marketing assets an entrepreneur can have — especially photos & videos of speaking appearances at Very Important Places, such as the Harvard Club of Boston, NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, West Point, and the Rockefeller Center.

Here is a photo gallery of Clint Arthur’s adventures with Ali Savitch!