Clint Arthur Carnegie Hall Photos

Clint Arthur’s Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall was held on September 26-27-28, 2019. The entrepreneurial info-tainment conference was a smash success with everybody who attended, featuring true legendary Celebrities and Celebrity Entrepreneurs — Martha Stewart, Ice-T & Coco, Walter O’Brien (“Scorpion”), Dylan Howard (Chief Content Officer at American Media, “King of the Hollywood Scoops” and publisher of The National Enquirer, Us Weekly, Globe, OK! and Men’s Journal), Steve Larsen (#1 Funnel Hacker for ClickFunnels), Michael E. Gerber (bestselling author of The E-Myth books), Jerry Greenfield (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream), Hal Elrod (author of The Miracle Morning books, who Clint Arthur mentored from obscurity into becoming a self-published phenomenon with his own Chicken Soup for the Soul-like book franchise), HRH Princess Maryanne Parker, and more — as they all shared the most important things they ever learned in their career, and especially what they would tell their own children about how to thrive as an Entrepreneur.

Clint has assembled this rare group of Celebrities & Celebrity Entrepreneurs who have all been in the entrepreneurial battlefield — sharing the secrets that have helped them to have long-lasting, enduring successful careers — and it was MIND-BLOWING for all Entrepreneurs in attendance to learn.

This just goes to show that heroes are remembered . . . but Legends Never Die!